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Procedures of Hair-drug Test


1. Order for collection package






 Contact us to order the collection package.


2. Fill in the sample collection form








Fill in the information and fix the specimen according to the instructions.


3. Return to laboratory







Return the collection form to the laboratory by mail.


4. Analysis in the laboratory

The hair sample would go through a series of fully validated procedures- decontamination, homogenization, extraction and analysis by HPLC-MS/MS.


5. Issue of test report






The data would be analysed by our qualified laboratory analysts and the reports would be returned to customers in electronic or printed form.


*It takes about 7 business days to get back the test reports while a minimum of 3 days is required for urgent cases.

*All operational procedures and testing methods are in concordance with the ISO 17025 standards. Quality control and       assurance are maintained throughout all testing procedures to maintain sample integrity and to ensure result accuracy.

* All data are under strict quality control and all the information of hair donors are kept in prime confidentiality.