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Testing Laboratory for Chinese Medicine (TLCM)


       The TLCM aims to establish a standardization and certification system of Chinese Materia Medica (CMM). Chemical markers have been developed for research and assay purposes. Microscopic slides of CMM including the transverse sections and powders have also been developed in order to establish a standard reference library of CMM. The portfolio of the markers and microscopic slides is so far the most complete in Hong Kong.

        In addition, we would like to act as a linkage between the academic and business sector so as to promote the development of the Chinese medicine industry in Hong Kong.

        Through all these efforts, we wish to build up consumers’ trust to Chinese herbal products and promote Chinese medicine in Hong Kong.



1. Wide range of chemical markers

        Over 350 chemical markers and microscopic slides (transverse section and powder) have been developed, which covers all CMM listed on Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards (HKCMMS).


2. Quality guaranteed

        The chemical markers and microscopic slides were developed under strict administration and verification. LC/MS* and HPLC/PDA* were respectively used to analyse the identity and purity of the chemical markers and microscopic slides. They can only pass the tests when the LC/MS results are consistent with their structures and the purities are equal to or higher than 98% in the HPLC/PDA test.

*LC/MS: liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry

  HPLC/PDA: high-performance liquid chromatography photo-diode array